Urban Flower Field was Winner of the 2014 Great Places Award from the Sensible Land Use Coalition. 

"The award recognizes places open to the public in the seven-county metro area that are memorable, transformational, and elevate function to art.”

The ¼ acre lot on the corner of Robert and 10th Street in downtown St. Paul was an abandoned brownfield and former home of the Pedro Luggage company.  In 2014 we worked with Public Art St Paul, St Thomas University biology department, St Paul Parks and Recreation, and Minneapolis College of Art and Design to create a transitional park that would bring life to this urban space. 

The project was designed as an intersection between art, science, civic engagement, and community.   The Fibonacci Sequence pervades both the art and science at the site.  A spiraling set of 96 phytoremediation plots radiate from the central patio.  These plots are planted in different polyculture combinations to test the comparative ability of different plants to take up heavy metals.  The spiraling pattern is echoed on a 4-story mural that can be seen from Highway 35E as you enter into downtown St. Paul.  Urban Flower Field is also recognizable from Google Earth as one of the largest green spaces in downtown St. Paul.

Urban Flower Field was most recently featured in the February 2016 issue of Dwell Magazine.  

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