Are you interested in a master plan that locates buildings, roads, gardens or fields on the land? A master plan holds a long-term vision that can be implemented over several years.

If so, please complete a design questionnaire to start the process.  After completing the questionnaire, we will schedule a consultation, prepare site maps (aerial, topography, soils) and do a site walkthrough. As part of the design we do a zone and sector analysis to locate elements on the landscape in the most appropriate place, create a site map with the proposed design, and a master plan report that identifies the functions, uses, crops, and plants in each area. We can also prepare a proposed implementation plan and identify microenterprise opportunities.  Many of our farm designs include the following:

  •     Earthworks
  •     Water Capture and Ponds
  •     Roads and Access Paths
  •     Fencing and Paddocks
  •     Buildings and Energy Systems
  •     Pastures, Orchards, Woodlands, and Fields
  •     Windbreaks and Pollinator Plantings