What do you need and want from the landscape?  What can it offer?  Possibilities include food (nuts, berries, vegetables), herbs, carbon sequestration, wildlife habitat, cut flowers, privacy, play space.

What does the landscape need?  Does the soil need rejuvenating?  Are the trees, plants struggling?

How much time and money do you want to spend on design and upkeep?  What are your resources (time, money, etc) and limitations?  What are your priorities?

How should the landscape feel?  Like a forest, a meadow, a sanctuary?

What activities will you do there?

What are the needs of pets, if any?

Are you interested in building soils, recycling water?

What wildlife would you like to attract to the yard?  What wildlife would you like to discourage?

What places do you want to keep the way they are?

What views do you want to maintain?  What views do you want to block?

What colors, textures, and shapes do you like?  Any trees, shrubs, flowers to include?  Exclude?

Give a brief history of the property.  Has there been construction recently?  Has fill been brought in?  Are there contaminants you know of?  Have chemicals been used on the landscape?

How did you hear of Ecological Gardens?  What interests you about sustainability and our dedication to an ecological design?

Designer Walkthrough

  • Areas of sun and shade
  • Microclimates (cool, wet, hot, dry spots)
  • Wind direction, intensity and change over the seasons
  • Water movement
  • Activities of neighbor’s that affect design (noise, children, pets)
  • Utilities – location of power, phone, gas and sewer lines
  • Vegetation – species present, invasive or noxious weeds, rare species
  • Soil quality and type