Ecological Design has collaborated with nonprofit organizations to design urban farms and community gardens. We believe these community projects are immensely valuable because they have the potential to bring nourishing food to people and greater health to urban soils and water systems, provide food for birds and insects, create opportunities to teach and learn, and build more spaces to enjoy the outdoors. Ecological Design invests in deep relationships and multi-year implementation processes to support these important projects.

Hope Community, Inc. is a nonprofit that provides affordable housing and community engagement opportunities for several hundred families in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis. Ecological Design worked with staff and residents to design the Garden at the Rose, an urban farm that is rooted in community vision that prioritized beautiful spaces for conversation and enjoying the outdoors, the ability to grow nourishing food from residents’ cultural backgrounds, and the opportunity for community learning and teaching.

Frogtown Farm is a certified organic urban demonstration farm in Saint Paul. Ecological Design worked with the staff and board to design and implement a whole farm system that created spaces for annual and perennial production, community work and enjoyment, pollinator habitat, and innovative rainwater management.

In addition we have worked on the design and implementation of Lyndale Gardens Farm in Richfield, the Bachelor Farmer Rooftop Farm, and Cornerstone Rooftop Farm

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