Over the last 15 years we have designed and installed hundreds of ecological landscapes for individuals and families living in urban, suburban and rural areas.  Our goal is always to create a healthy living landscape and connect people to nature in their own backyard.  We do this through the design but also during installation when many of our customers work directly with us in order to build the skills they need to enjoy and manage their land.

Each design is different because of the property and the customer’s goals but all of our designs include soil building, water management, pest management in addition to creating pollinator and wildlife habitat, growing a variety of foods for people and animals, and creating spaces for entertaining and play.

Several of our designs have been featured in Evelyn Hadden’s book Beautiful No-Mow Yards, captured in video showing a before and after urban yard by the Nature Conservancy, Bringing Life to Your Yard, and featured in Northern Gardener magazine and the Star Tribune newspaper.

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