Former Customers

We initially approached Ecological Gardens for their permaculture expertise. Wanting to better utilize all the rainwater that fell on our land, we believed their permaculture toolkit could help. It did, but that was only the beginning. Paula Westmoreland’s team diligently listened to what we wanted  --- no matter how personal and out-there --- and translated our desires into a plan we felt confident in, a plan with surprisingly beautiful elements. And the listening and planning never stopped. As installation progressed and we perceived our new landscape unfolding, new and better ideas emerged which they implemented with an unwavering attention to quality and detail.

Customer - Michael Larsen and Linda Nelson, Altura

We developed the idea for an arts and science transitional park, Urban Flower Field, in downtown St. Paul and needed a creative company to collaborate with to help make it a reality. Ecological Gardens team was great with helping translate our ideas into reality. They came up with creative solutions to work with in our budget while stile maintaining the overall concept. Ecological Gardens were hard working and a joy to work with from start to finish! I hope to work with them again on creative projects in the future.

Customer - Amanda Lovelee, Public Art St. Paul

We can't thank Paula and the Ecological Gardens team enough for creating our wonderful new outdoor space! The project was very large, and included the addition of dozens of new native grasses, plants, bushes and trees throughout the property.  We knew we needed to incorporate a significant water management plan to make it work, too, so the team worked with us and developed a dry creek bed, front yard rain garden, and berm for privacy. In the back, a new patio and entertaining space was added, along with raised garden beds and a space for the family dog to run and play.   Paula and the Ecological Gardens team were great to work with, flexible with project changes, and very conscious of staying within our budget.  They also offered expert advice, consultation, and recommendations throughout the process.  We highly recommend Ecological Gardens, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!

Barb and Louis, Edina

We worked with Paula at Ecological Gardens to transform our back yard from a weed-infested wasteland to the secret garden we imagined.  The fact that we live on a small city lot in Saint Paul made the challenge that much greater and the results that much more remarkable.  Paula worked with our vision and our budget and we couldn’t be happier with the results.
Customer - Kurt Schultz and Karen Hedenstrom, St. Paul

"Paula and her team created a detailed landscaping plan for our entire yard and implemented the plan for the front portion of the yard. The design incorporates the permaculture concept, which means using environmentally friendly methods, plants that support each other and the environment, and low maintenance (water and other inputs) over time. We have already enjoyed harvesting food and flowers out of the yard, and the birds already appear to be on it too. The design was well thought out and met our goals of using native plants, creating habitat for birds and butterflys, adding colorful and appealing perennials, and providing some harvest (fruits, nuts, veggies and herbs.) The design, plants and installation are included in the cost. We did negotiatie a bit of a price reduction by helping with the installation. We love the design and things look good so far. It will take another season or two for the plantings to really fill out, but already you can see how the permaculture design will take hold. Paula was very good about educating us about the benefits of permaculture and responding to our questions throughout the process. Her crew was great to work with and did a terrific job on the installations. Pricing was a bit of a stretch for us (probably comparable to traditional landscaping for design and installation costs), but we believe it will be well worth it in the long run."

~ Customer Brien Link

"We just stand in awe at the installation. Thank you to you and the rest of the crew for making this dream become a reality. It's so cool."

~ Customer Kari Wenger

"We're on bag number three of our garlic. It's storing perfectly, and we love having this seemingly endless supply in the basement. Here's to enjoying the fruits of your labor, all year round!"

~Customer Jennifer Jacquot Devries