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For centuries people have used plant knowledge to create productive landscapes.

Ecological Gardens builds on this tradition by using knowledge from sustainableagriculture, ecology, and permaculture to design chemical- free landscapes that are biologically rich and ecologically sound. From urban backyards to sixty-acre farms we design and install landscapes that build
natural capital and meet the needs of humans as well as wildlife.

Our Commitment to You:

1. We are committed to increasing the beauty and abundance of the lands where we work by

  • Assessing the unique combination of resources – sun, water, wind, and
  • microclimates – on the land and creating site-specific designs to make the
  • landscape sustainable
  • Improving and building soils
  • Using the ecological functions of plants to solve landscape problems
  • Optimizing biological diversity
  • Matching plants to soils and microclimates
  • Designing sustainable plant communities that will be productive for today and many years to come.

2. We are committed to partnering with you to help you understand your land and increase its potential.

We want to work with you!

Please fill out this Design Vision Questionnaire to get started, and we look forward to collaborating.

Begin the journey! Thank you for your interest. 

Latest News

  • We have a new business name!! Ecological Gardens becomes Ecological Design to better reflect the breadth of our work.