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Summer is upon us in Minnesota and the lush landscape is burgeoning with abundance of life. A dry hot spring and then an unusually wet June has established beautiful garden landscapes. Chaotic weather patterns or rather lack of patterns remind us to plant for diversity and flexibility. The constant rain of June allows for observation of water flow patterns and gives clues to landscape low spots and microclimates that might not have been obvious previously. Take a look around your house next time the rains pour and identify where the heaviest water flows are. This will help you to direct water, select and place plants appropriately for long term success. Found a low shady spot? Maybe it's time to innoculate some gourmet shiitake mushrooms or install a shady raingarden.

If you are thinking of making some changes to your landscape, give us a call - we'd love to chat.

Happy gardening,

- Lindsay Rebhan

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  • We have a new business name!! Ecological Gardens becomes Ecological Design to better reflect the breadth of our work.