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About our Garlic

Ecological Gardens harvested our 13th year of garlic this summer! Our heirloom garlic is locally grown in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. We farm with organic growing practices, chemical free and with lots of care. 

Garlic is a member of the allium family that includes onions and shallots. There are two subspecies of garlic – ophioscorodon (commonly known as hardneck) and sativum (commonly known as softneck). Over 95% of the garlic sold in grocery stores is softneck since it can be easily grown in warm climates. Garlic connoisseurs, however, contend that “you haven’t tasted garlic until you taste the “ophios” (Growing Great Garlic). The ophio garlic evolved directly from wild garlic and remains close to its character and flavor. Fortunately for us, the ophio garlic performs best in cold winter climates. 

Drying garlic increases its flavor and shelf life. After we harvest, the garlic is hung to dry for 3 weeks. The bulbs store well for six to nine months under optimal storage conditions. Softneck varieties tend to have a slightly longer shelf life. Optimal storage conditions include storing the garlic away from direct sunlight at room temperature or 10 degrees cooler with good air circulation and humidity levels of 40%-60%.

All of our garlic bulbs can be used for seed if you wish to grow your own garlic next year. It is high quality, local, climate acclimated seed. 

Scapes are available in June Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for scape inquiries. 

Garlic will be available in mid-September. Continue to next page for order form. 

Garlic Varieties


Armenian Subspecies - Ophio Hardneck; Group – Porcelain
Large producer, 3-5 cloves/bulb. Cloves peel easily and are great for slicing and mincing in the kitchen. Mild.

Elephant Garlic Allium ampeloprasum. Not a true garlic, belonging in the leek family. Elephant Garlic has huge cloves with a mild garlic flavor. 

German Red Subspecies - Ophio Hardneck; Group - Porcelain
Strong and robust flavor. Great for roasting. Medium hot.

Korean Red Subspecies - Ophio Harneck; Group - Rocambole
A spicy variety, smaller cloves with a tasty kick. Purple reddish clove skin color. Hot.

Music Subspecies - Ophio Hardneck; Group - Porcelain
Great in salad dressings and sautés. An outstanding plant producing very large bulbs. Medium hot. 

Turban  Early harvest.
Strong flavor with approximately 5-7 cloves/bulb. Hot.

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Garlic Order Form

Orders will be filled on a first-come basis. 1 lb of garlic contains approximately 8 large bulbs. Payment is due at time of pickup or delivery.
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Latest News

  • We have a new business name!! Ecological Gardens becomes Ecological Design to better reflect the breadth of our work.