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Growing food in your own backyard or place of business can be healthy and rewarding. Nowhere is the food fresher and nowhere do you know exactly what went into its production. Our edible gardens are an easy way to get a successful garden producing in a short time. We have a variety of design features and types of raised beds that can be included in your edible landscape.

  • Companion Vegetable Gardens
  • Orchards /Fruit Tree Guilds
  • Herb & Edible Flower Spiral
  • Urban Berry Guild
  • Berm & Swale Edible Terraces

The vast majority of our designs include food but these projects highlight Edible landscaping as the main focus.

Edible landscaping increases our connection to food, teaches us about where our food comes from and adds a practical and fun element to your property. Edible landscaping is bound to increase sidewalk conversations as neighbors pass by or take a nibble of your local fare.

Special design features of our edible landscaping projects include fruit tree guilds, childrens gardens, companion vegetable gardens, mini orchards, potato bins, herb spirals, asparagus berms, berry boxes and coldframes.

Check out our Kensington Park Edible Gardens project featuring edible landscaping in a multi-use commercial property.

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Latest News

  • We have a new business name!! Ecological Gardens becomes Ecological Design to better reflect the breadth of our work.